Thursday, 7 March 2013

Homework: March 7, Thursday!

  • "Physics Concepts Worksheet" (Due date unknown)
  • "Engineering Design - Deep Dive Videos" (Due next tuesday)
  • Unit Dynamics Worksheet (Due date unknown)
  • Worksheet 4 from Workbook (Due date date unknown)

  • Kinetic Particle Theory Workbook (Due date unknown)

  • A02e (Due in tomorrow!)
  • Begin to file! (Due in tomorrow!) Any colour would do! Content is priority.

  • Complete the comprehension in the Present Perfect magazine (Due date unknown)
  • NEW Singapore Budget Document - Complete the Second table to present (Due tomorrow)

Social Sciences
  • Complete the Prezi (or whatever media you wish) to present about the current problems of Singapore (Due next tuesday)
  • Files (i believe)

Normal Chinese
  • NEW Chinese File (Due date unknown)

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