Friday, 5 July 2013

Homework 05.07.13 Friday

I get to post! :D

Social Studies
Group PT about the healthcare of three countries
The SEQ Challenge (refer to post by Malcolm on 304 FB page)

Complete Example 10's graph.

UPDATE (ー_ー)!!:
from SST Email

Pls post your explanations of how the factors affect temperature on the Padlet wall at according to your assigned factor below. Try to do so in your own words, remember plagiarism is an offense so I do not want to see wholesale copying from your textbooks!

Latitude: Index nos 1 to 7
Altitude: Index 8 to 12
Distance from sea: Index 13 to 17
Cloud cover: 18 to 22*

*Ryan (Yeo), since you have alr posted under "Distance fr sea" after the lesson, so you are excused.

And revise!

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