Tuesday, 9 July 2013

HomeWork : Term 3 Week Two


Reading Aloud recording ( Post it on the English Blog )
Comment on 3 other people's recordings ( Band and 2 reasons )

Social Studies 

a) Explain how family support, as part of the "Many Helping Hands" approach, helps to manage the impact of an aging population. [5]

b) Explain 2 other measures in the "Many Helping Hands" approach that can help to manage the impact of the aging population. [10]


Geog Textbook Pg. 75-78 read then do Q5 & 6 on Pg 79.
Dont Do Padlet first.


Trigonometry Worksheet. Practice 5.


Copy the notes down from the google Drive.
Chinese WB. Finish the whole book by next Friday.


Pressure WB Worksheet 7 by Monday
Complete the report of the practical today.

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