Monday, 15 July 2013


1. What are your thoughts on the headline?
     My thoughts on the headline is that it is kind of racist as they only mention the malays and not any other race.
2. What could be the adverse effect be if we accept the headline as face value?
Many people could be discriminating the malays and this will create a gap in our society. The malays could also be offended by this article.
3. What is the likely motive behind publishing the headline?
It is to inform teens about the amount of from drug offenses so that they will not commit further drug offenses and that they will no longer commit such offenses.
4.Why do you think we are still able to maintain racial harmony despite such headlines being published?
This is because we have formed strong bonds with our people, despite racial differences. Thus, this has allowed us to survive such problems. It doesn't matter to much to them! =D

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